mission statement

Supporting the needs from the fencing community across the world by providing customized training programs or any other solutions adapted for coaches and athletes, to make them evolve and be successful both in business and sport achievement.

our team

From fencers to coaches, from a club to a national federation, our expert team provides custom made solutions to develop your fencing program and reach your performance goals.


Christophe Duclos, CEO

Fencing Master & Coach Instructor
Christophe brings 20 years of coaching experience. He has worked with high level fencers all around the world. He has led training camps in both Foil and Epee, and trained coaches in all three weapons for several organizations (French Fencing Federation, International Fencing Federation, Chinese Provinces, Arabic Fencing Federations, United States Fencing Coaches Association and National Collegiate Athletic Association).
CONTACT US: Christophe@globalfencingmasters.com

Pierre-Olivier Bontems, COO

International Referee & Athlete
Pierre has been fencing and refereeing internationally for about 20 years, sharing his experience with the fencing community around the world. He is an active fencer and referee certified by Federation Internationale d’Escrime (FIE). He refereed his first Junior World Cup final in 2017, and competed in his first foil Grand Prix in 2018, few months before winning both individual and team Canadian national champion titles.
CONTACT US: Pierre@globalfencingmasters.com

Franck Brocherie

Franck Brocherie

Physical & Lifestyle Trainer
As a physical trainer at the French sport institute INSEP, Franck has 20 years of experience in strength and conditioning for optimizing athletes’ performance through training, recovery, & nutrition. He has experience working on personalized fitness regimens for fencers of all skill levels.

Daphné Laurin Landry

Sports Psychologist & Mental Coach
Daphné has been working as a sport psychology consultant for several years for various individual sports, such as mogul skiing, figure skating, swimming, and fencing. Her intervention focuses on competition and training preparation, coping with stress, anxiety, and emotion.

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